Pezzullo Demands Pallone Return Facebook Donations

Pezzullo Demands Pallone Return Facebook Donations

In conversation with supporters in Perth Amboy on Thursday afternoon, Republican Congressional candidate Rich Pezzullo became impassioned when discussing Congressman Frank Pallone’s handling of the questioning of Facebook Chairman and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. In particular, he questioned the Sixth District Congressman’s impartiality in the questioning, in light of his receipt of thousands of dollars of Facebook lobbying money.


“Frank Pallone has taken $7,000 from Facebook since 2010,” Pezzullo marveled. “Seven thousand dollars,” he repeated, to anger from the assembled supporters. “And he has the gall to sit up there and claim he’s an unbiased observer, to claim he’s representing his district?”


“Our cowardly Congressman thinks big corporations are a negative force in society,” Pezzullo said, “until they’re paying for his re-election.”


“Pallone has no problem cashing checks from Facebook,” Pezzullo continued, “but how does he think they make their money?”

“The answer is, he doesn’t care. Frank Pallone doesn’t care how anyone makes their money, as long as their checks clear,” Pezzullo explained.


“Pallone says, ‘We need to take steps immediately to secure our democracy.’ The first step would be to return every dime he took from Facebook and apologize to his constituents for taking it in the first place. He's out of touch, corrupt to the core, and ready for retirement."

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