About Rich Pezzullo

About Rich Pezzullo

officialrp.jpgRich Pezzullo is a conservative Republican who has been active in issue advocacy for years.   Working with Sam Perelli and  the United Taxpayers of New Jersey, Rich trained and empowered New Jersey citizens to get involved in tax issues, toll issues, and government attempts to circumvent the state constitution and the voters to accumulate more debt.

Born in the Bronx, Rich  moved to New Jersey in 1964 and started kindergarten at New Bridge School in New Milford.  A member of the first class to pass completely through the New Milford Middle school, he graduated New York Military Academy and earned  a full scholarship to Cornell University.  He served 20 years in the US Army reserve, both overseas and in the United States, attaining the rank of Major.

Today he works with business owners, school administrators and non-profits, helping them use technology to solve business problems.   He lives in Freehold with his wife, Pam, and three children.

As a technology specialist, Rich has worked at the operational and executive levels with small and large businesses,  law firms, accounting practices, barber shops, charities, manufacturers and wholesalers, alumni organizations, auto repair shops, builders and demolishers, tanning salons and dermatologists, dentists and podiatrists,  pre-schools, elementary and middle schools, retail stores and restaurants, retirees and people starting new businesses. 

Along the way, he has worked as a janitor, dishwasher, salesman and business owner.  He can handle a floor buffer, hare splint, M-60 and  12 gauge, SQL and squeegee.


He’s served on boards of non-profits for over 20 years, and has helped with recruiting and fund raising for numerous charities, including ambulance services, community service organizations and youth groups.  A member of the American Legion and Knights of Columbus, he has decades of experience as a scout leader and serves as a lector at his church.

10277084_1447682218804235_7097996273539051888_n.jpgService to others is woven into Rich Pezzullo’s DNA, and that is the spirit that he wants to take to Washington.  

As a representative of the state of New Jersey, on equal footing with each other state, he wants to serve the people who elect him.  He wants to do so in a manner that only a person steeped in a lifetime of service to others would know.

The problems that Rich helps solve are frequently caused by overwhelming government regulation.  He sees the role of US Congressman as an advocate for the state – a defender of State’s rights in a capital where the Federal Government tries to make the states subservient.   Rich believes that the Federal Government was created by the states, to serve the states… not the other way around.

Because he works so close to the ground in so many industries, he is uniquely qualified to explain to the other Congressmen what happens when poorly crafted laws cripple a manager’s ability to manage, a doctor’s ability to practice medicine or an employer’s ability to hire and grow a business.

Having first-hand experience in so many fields means he can collect and use information directly from business owners, workers and retirees.  He can bring their stories and situations to the floor of the House in context, without having to rely on lobbyists to shape his opinion. 

Rich Pezzullo has spent his lifetime helping others overcome obstacles, build bigger businesses, serve more people in need and make lives better for customers, care recipients, employees and volunteers. He wants to put that experience to use getting the government back into the business of serving, not ruling, the taxpayers.

He wants to Put New Jersey First.

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