Meet Rich Pezzullo


  • Obamacare

    Rich Pezzullo sees firsthand the effect of  Federal meddling in health care industry and has vowed to fight it.

  • Reproductive Health

    Being  pro-life, Rich has examined the health care choices available and believes our sisters, mothers, wives and girlfriends deserve more choices than abortion.

  • Taxes, Spending and Debt

    As a businessman, Rich understands the importance of balancing a budget and providing services at prices which a customer can afford.

  • Government Spying On Citizens

    Rich believes the previous administration’s harassment of citizens through the IRS and spying on citizens through the NSA needs to be stopped. 

  • Law Enforcement

    The son of a cop, Rich understands the sacrifice of police and their families and will bolster the efforts of Law Enforcement.

  • Second Amendment

    Rich supports the individual right to keep and bear arms and opposes new federal gun control laws.

  • Illegal Alien Amnesty

    As the great-grandson of immigrants from Italy and Ireland who came legally to this country, Rich opposes proposals to give amnesty and eventually citizenship to as many as eleven million illegal aliens.

  • Energy

    Rich  has been a long-time advocate for keeping energy costs low by opposing the radical “Green” agenda that’s driving electric and gasoline prices through the roof. He believes in  and "ALL SOURCES" solution for energy.

  • Federal Courts

    Rich Pezzullo believes the federal courts have gone way too far in legitimizing big government and attacking our conservative values.


  • National Security

    Rich supports a strong national defense but opposes the notion that the United States should become the world’s policeman.

  • Israel

    Israel is America’s closest ally in the Middle East and one of its closest allies and friends in the entire world. Not only do we share strategic goals, but also a belief in democracy, human rights and the rule of law.

  • Senate Role In Treaties

    Rich believes that international agreements that are binding on the United States, such as the Paris Accords, should be considered as Treaties. 








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